Secure your property and provide only allowed access​


View and interact with visitors and control who has access to your property"

Control is important 
​Protecting your property from unwanted visitors is the first step in any security or visitor control system. 
Access control systems allow you to interact with visitors ensuring only permitted visitors are allowed access. 
Connect with your visitors form anywhere in the world and allocate defined areas of access and prevent any access to restricted areas. 
App Alerts
Temporary Visitor access
Access Prevention
Visitor Communication 

Preventing Unauthorised Access

Controlling access to and around your property is important.


That's why our access control systems provide a comprehensive range of features to enrol new users, provide temporary or limited access, restrict access to off limits areas and bar users all together. 

Our commercial access control systems can even help you track the location of somebody using their last known location within your building and help provide a quick fire call list.



Ensure your system is operating correctly with our in-depth testing services. 

Take overs

Had your system fitted by another company? no problem, we offer a take over service.

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