The future is here. Electric cars are flooding the UK, have you got your charging point installed? 

The government has declared that as of 2025 all new production cars will be electric and by 2040 aims to have all road cars electric.

If your thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle or have just got one you'll more than likely know that the standard chargers provided with your car are slow and take a very long time to charger. It is vital for daily usage to keep topped up and top us fast. We have a great selection of fast home chargers available for all types of charging types and leads, we even have smart chargers that can charge according to when you need a full battery and you'll be able to remotely see your cars battery life.

Government Grant Available up to £500 Towards The Cost of Installation

Fast charging is vital for daily use of electric cars that's why we offer a great range of home and business electric chargers to keep your car fully charged. 

Fitted as standard with the latest technology to meet all new currently safety regulations this stylish home car charger is robust and reliable. 

Available with optional smart app control to schedule charging times and check your cars battery.

Compatible with a huge range of electric car manufactures  and plug types. 

Multiple safety devices as standard and various colours to choose from.

Safety regulations compliant

Large range or colours to choose from 

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