Data & network solutions throughout South Wales

Networking Solutions Tailored to Your Business and Household Needs.

With internet access and high speed data transfer more important now than ever before it is essential to ensure your network is running as smoothly as possible with the latest technology available. 
We offer complete tailored solutions ensure your business or households network meets the demand of all its users requirements.
Secure networks or public internet access points, high speed data transfer or VOIP voice over internet phones we have a range of technology to suit all. 



We offer landline or wireless 4G and 5G internet access and WIFI points with high speed upload and download transmission for all types of uses.

Our 4G/5G routers are ideal for remote locations such as mobile offices or temporary buildings. 

Reliable and strong we ensure our routers provide a robust connection.

Wireless Bridges Data Transfer

Powerful and reliable wireless data transmission bridges ideal for sending and receiving data from one building to another within a 10 mile radios.  

Share internet access and any data files across open air at high speeds. 

WIFI Access Points and Boosters


WIFI boosters and wireless network extensions are becoming increasing popular due to the ongoing demand for internet access. 

We are able to offer installation of network extenders to allow your network to reach larger areas. 

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