Video and Audio Intercom Systems 

Prevent unauthorised access to your property without putting yourself at risk.

Control when you need it most
Intercom systems are a great way to protect your property. Mechanical or electrical locks keep your door locked until you release it, granting your visitors access.

See and speak to your visitors from your mobile phone or handset and allow them to leave video voicemails if you miss them.
Prevent Unauthorised Access
App Alerts
Video Systems
Speak with your visitors
Who could benefit from an intercom?
  • Flats/apartments 
  • Offices
  • Businesses 
  • Home owners
  • Gated driveways
Intercom systems are best installed where there is a need to control access to a property or where there is a long distance such as a gated driveway. 

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Ensure your system is operating correctly with our in-depth testing services. 

Take overs

Had your system fitted by another company? no problem, we offer a take over service.

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