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Quality intruder alarms & detection systems

With video verification technology

Perimeter breach notification 

and smart home integration

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We're dedicated to your safety
Protecting your property from intruders is everything and with our fully customizable range of multi-award winning security solutions, we provide a system that will meet your expectations.

The intruder alarm system forms the backbone of any domestic, commercial, and industrial security strategy. With correct design, installation, and maintenance to the highest standards an intruder alarm can be a very effective and cost efficient tool for protecting property and building contents.

Pet Friendly
App Alerts
Guard Response
Police Response 
Servicing & Repairs

Intruder Alarms

Design, installation, maintenance

& monitoring

Intruder alarm systems can be monitored by our 24 hour call centre to give added piece of mind. The advantage of this is knowing that somebody is reviewing the status of your intruder alarm 24 hours a day 365 days a year and will notify named key holders or the local police authority should an incident take place.

"Our experienced professionals can provide cutting edge technology tailored to suit your exacting requirements."

Optional Guard Response: We Double Your Security in the Event of Attempted Burglary

If there is an attempted burglary confirmed by your alarm system, our Security Guards will be notified.


The Security Guard would attend and inform you of any damages and restore the security to your property they would also remain if your property was unable to be re secured. 

Door & Window Sensors: Protect All Access Points

With our Contact Sensors you can protect doors and windows, whether you are in the building or not.


Thanks to ‘Shock Sensor’ Technology, the sensor will detect any intrusion even before it happens.

Advanced Movement Detection: Internal and perimeter protection 

Our pet friendly sensors protect your property by detecting movement and triggering the alarm system. 

Ultimate protection both in and outside of your property with perimeter sensors. 

Panic Alarm Button: Immediate Help at Your Fingertips

If you push the SOS panic button, you will trigger your alarm system and receive assistance from our Alarm Receiving Centre.


The Panic Alarm Button is very useful in case of emergency or when there is a safety risk in your home or business premises. 

Smoke Detector: Who Calls the Fire Services When You're Not at Home?

A fire alarm is primarily designed to warn you and wake you if you are asleep. But what if you are not at home when the fire alarm goes off? This is one of the main reasons why you should choose Rhino: we connect the fire alarm to our Alarm Receiving Centre so that we can immediately alert you and your family if a fire is verified.


This gives you the chance to act fast if you're not at home, for example by calling your neighbours. This service is always active, even when the rest of the alarm system is deactivated.

Smart Keys:

No Complicated Codes

Tags & Fobs allow you to activate and deactivate your alarm system when you go in and out of your house or business.


No need to memorise complicated codes! Thanks to our Smart Keys you can also monitor who is coming in and out and when. Simply assign a key to each family member or employee.

Set and unset your system and even operate the panic alarm from your wireless fob.