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Panic Alarms
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Vulnerability Systems
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Panic alarms 

There's nothing more terrifying than coming face to face with someone who's intention may be to hurt you. Installing a panic alarm system goes along way to help you be assured someone is responding to your distress signal either an in house security guard or police response via our remote monitoring services. 

Panic alarm systems are ideal solutions in retail outlets and environments where a possible confrontation may take place. 

Silent and audible systems are available. 


Vulnerability Alarms 


Worried about an elderly relative or someone vulnerable?

We're able to provide a wide range of solutions to fit all needs. 
Wireless panic alarms allow the user to contact you should they need assistance in an emergency.

Smart technology allows you to check on your family members or friends without being intrusive. 


Lock down systems

With today's modern threats there may come a time where you need to warn people of an immediate danger and to get to a place of safety.

Our lock down systems provide a quick audible and visual warning to alert people of possible dangerous these systems can also be link to our monitoring services to get automatic response.

Lock down systems can be upgraded to open or lock doors and  more.


Disabled toilet alarms

Installing a disabled toilet alarm gives its users peace of mind that they are able to call for help if they ever need it.

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