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Quality intruder alarms & detection systems

With video verification technology, perimeter breach notification and smart home integration.

We're dedicated to your safety
Protecting your property from intruders is everything and with our fully customizable range of professional multi-award winning security solutions, we provide a system that will meet your expectations.

The intruder alarm system forms the backbone of any domestic, commercial, and industrial security strategy. With correct design, installation, and maintenance to the highest standards an intruder alarm can be a very effective and cost efficient tool for protecting property and building contents.

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Pet Friendly
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App Alerts
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Guard Response
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Police Response 
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Cover for when you need it
Your alarm system is a complex piece of engineering. Generally it is very reliable, but without regular maintenance, it could leave your property unprotected and vulnerable to intruders.
With Rhino you can rest easy knowing your systems performance is our top priority. 
We respond to any issues as quickly as we can and carry out regular testing and repairs on your system.

Looking for a new alarm? Get an instant quote online



Have your system monitored 365 days a year. Optional guard response and more!



Ensure your system is operating correctly with our in-depth testing services. 


Take overs

Had your system fitted by another company? no problem, we offer a take over service.