5 Simple ways to secure your home on a budget!

Securing your home does not have to be expensive, although modern security systems are recommended if your on a budget we've come up with 5 simple and cost effective ways to secure your home or small business.

Tip number 1:

Install a strike plate. Most door manufacturers will install a small strike plate as standard which is only intended to allow the locking mechanism to lock your front door.

Unfortunately these plates are usually small and only have 2 small screws in them leaving your doors vulnerable to forced entry. During an impact your standard strike plate may snap or even spilt your door frame.

Installing a larger and deeper strike plate can help to anchor the plate to your door frame giving much more strength during impact.

Another great tip is to remove all the standard screws in the hinges and replace them with larger deeper screws in both the door frame and the door this will combined with your strike plate give your door a much stronger change at surviving an impact.

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Tip number 2.

This one is simple and doesn't cost you anything at all! Keep your valuable items out of sight!

Leaving expensive phones, tablets or anything of value on display is advertising to criminals that you have something worth stealing in your home and there may be more around the house. If they cant see what you have it makes the risk of trying to break in a lot less worth it as they wont know if it would pay off.

Keep where ever possible all valuables on the first floor this makes it a lot more difficult for peeping toms to see whats worth stealing in your house. Also keep blinds part closed to help minimise how much someone from outside could see. Don't make your home a shop window for thieves!

Tip number 3.

Sash jammers.

Sash jammers are a very cost effective way or securing your downstairs doors and windows. If you have a habit of leaving your doors or windows unlocked or if your windows don't have a locking mechanism you may want to consider a sash jammer.

A small hook like hinge that fixes onto a door or window and then hooks over the the frame to prevent anyone opening them.

Small but effective these little devices really do strengthen your doors and windows security.

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Tip number 4.

When you go away you will more than likely turn everything off and lock up and go.

When you do this your telling a burglar that your property is empty, if they decide to watch your property for activity they may see that your not home.

A good way to fool someone is by installing a timer switch.

A timer switch can be set to turn on a lamp at a certain time and turn it off again later on. Using multiple lights in different locations you can fool someone into thinking you haven't left the property. You can even turn on the TV or radio for added effect. Need a timer switch?


Tip number 5.

Install a letterbox guard.

There are 2 main reasons for installing a letterbox guard. The first is simple, it collects all your mail so that it doesn't pile up. If mail starts to pile up and you have a window near by someone could realise that your not in or even away.

The main reason for installing a letterbox cage or guard is to prevent "fishing". "Fishing" is where a burglar would use a rod with a hook on the end to try and fish through your letter box for a set of keys or even use the rod to try and open your door.

If a burglar is able to get a set of keys they may return at a later date or even gain access to your property by using the key and deactivate your alarm systems with your tags/fobs or even steal your car. If there is no sign of forced entry some insurance companies my not pay out so its also worth keeping all keys away from the front door, ideally upstairs to help minimise fishing even further.

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Thanks for reading our 5 simple tips to secure your home! If your interested in more tips and advice visit our YouTube channel for some great helpful videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQdJNidDyzf4VllxuPsck_Q/featured

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