Cost effective fire safety solutions 

"Our experienced team will discuss
all your requirements and tailor you a system that minimises your building becoming a victim to fire."

We all know the dangers of fire yet so many homes and businesses don't have adequate protection. 

With the UK seeing on average 7,300 fire related incidents per year and 100's of deaths it is vital to ensure you have the right protection in place. 

We offer the very latest in fire safety technology and provide solutions in fire detection, escape routes, emergency lighting systems and more.
Stand alone systems
Fire alarm systems
Co2 Alarms
Emergency lighting 
Exit route illumination

Fire detection devices


Early detection of a fire really could mean the difference between life and death. That's why we offer a wide range of smoke and heat alarm detectors to cater for all types of property needs. Ranging from toast proof detectors or battery back up alarms and in built emergency lights there is something to suit all types of properties from homes to business. 

Our team understand the importance of fire safety and always ensure our systems exceed current regulations to offer extra piece of mind.

speak to our team to day to arrange your free property inspection. 

Fire alarm servicing and testing 


Ensuring your fire safety equipment is fully operational is not only a legal requirement but can save lives. Our in depth servicing arrangements will help to identify any potential faults or system errors helping to minimise the risk factor. 

Had your system fitted by another installer? 

No problem, we're able to take over most fire alarm systems and provide upgrades to ensure they meet current regulations.


Emergency lighting and exit route illumination technology


Often during a fire the first thing to happen is loss of power resulting in total darkness making it difficult to escape. We are able to offer a variety of domestic and commercial emergency lighting solutions ranging from simple bulb replacements with inbuilt batteries to permanent fixtures or handheld devices. 

Escaping a building quickly in an emergency is crucial that's why we offer illumination route technology to provide a quick and easy route illumination during a blackout.

Emergency light testing 


Did you know your emergency lighting system may have to last more than 3 hours during a black out?

old and outdated systems may not operate correctly during a power cut and may put yourself and others in danger. 

Ask about our emergency lighting testing and inspection service to help minimise system failures when their needed most.


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)


Safety in the workplace is paramount for any business and we are committed to helping you to maintain a safe working environment. We specialise in the delivery of a reliable and affordable portable appliance test and repair service that meets the needs of your business. Many of our customers are based in South and Mid Wales but we also support those operating branch networks throughout the UK.

Current health and safety regulations stipulate that all portable electrical appliances used in the workplace must meet strict safety standards. Our highly trained and professional engineers can efficiently test and repair your appliances to ensure you mitigate operational risks and meet your legal requirements.



Have your system monitored 365 days a year with fire brigade response!


Ensure your system is operating correctly with our in-depth testing services. 

Take overs

Had your system fitted by another company? no problem, we offer a take over service.

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